While growing up we would watch “THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY” every Sunday Night on TV.  The only theme park at the time was Disneyland in California.   They began building Disney World in Orlando when I was a teenager, and have built a whole world of travel opportunities since then.

  • Disney has Theme Parks around the world.  
  • Disney has a Florida Beach Resort
  • Disney has a World Class Hawaiian Resort
  • Disney Cruise Lines is ranked one of the top cruise lines in the world!
Some Disney facts:
  • Disney is the 1st BIG FAMILY vacation on everyone’s dream list.  
  • Disney has a language of its own from Magic Hours to the Disney Express.  
  • Most families need a minimum of 5 days to truly experience Disney.
  • Some people plan every moment and others take it as it comes!  
  • Disney offers Fast Pass, Special events, Character Dining and shows.
  • Disney is so much more than just the parks – it is a whole experience on its own.  

Let us help you plan the details and get you started towards your Disney Dream Vacation!  


Dream Accomplished!  

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